Summer Heat Wave: Fashion Article

One hot summer of May 1st, the sun shined as if it was his last, I was born. From that day forward, flower printed dress and swimsuits are always my go-to-outfit as my mother wants to relate my stuff to my birth month: hot summer May.

Growing up as a woman can be really handful. Aside from responsibilities, ladies tend to spend their worries on how they look. As a woman myself, fashion is very important to me because this is where I can feel beautiful. Having your own fashion is essential because it reflects your originality. Dress is one of my favorite clothing because unlike the tops and bottoms, you don’t need to think for its partner. It is also comfortable and fashionable. Dresses are versatile because it can be wear casually, formally or even when you just want to look girl and simple. I feel like in dress, I can pull out whatever I want to look like. I can be sophisticated, classy, rugged and effortless.

My closet is not mine without coordinates, jumpsuits and romper! Here is my super love romper that is perfect for summer and beach because it can be a cover up while wearing two piece inside. Rompers are life saver for me since my weakness is mix matching clothes. If I don’t want to wear dress and too lazy to pair up a shorts, a piece of romper will save the day. Plus I can never get tired of romper’s designs.

Fashion are always mistaken as an instrument of women to impress other people, especially men. Women are also being shamed because of how they perceived fashion. This is the major flaw of the society’s understanding about fashion. It is saddening to know that fashion can sometimes be harmful to other women because of their surroundings. For example, wearing too short clothes and showing too much skin can be labeled as a flirt. A woman wearing a fitted dress, and harassed, will be her fault. Why? because people overlooks the true meaning of fashion. Fashion is a self expression. It is done to impress not the other people but yourself. It is a form of freedom on how to make yourself known. If you find a woman sexy and get a dirty thoughts on it, it is not her fault but your obnoxious way of thinking.

Hey, Ladies! I want to share three things that makes me beautiful. This is what self-love means for me.


Confidence can be seen through you. The way you talk, walk, and move. It is not about being better than anyone, it is about knowing that you don’t have to be better than anyone because you are better in your own way. Confidence makes you proud. It is your awareness of your distinction to others. With confidence, you know that you are you and there can never be another you.


This is not being selfish. Go buy that cute dress, that lipstick looks good on you, eat that one tub of ice cream, you deserve it. Don’t doubt your worth. Always prioritize your progress because it will not just benefit you, but also the people around you because with your betterment, you can inspire anyone that surrounds you. When you invest on your self, put yourself first, you can never be a problem because you will know how to handle yourself.


This does not only apply to self-love but it is also a life lesson. Acceptance is very powerful. When you know how to accept, you will be living with a light heart. Accept your flaws and imperfections, accept the hurdles and disappointments. Life throws a billions of no’s to strengthen the tasty yes. There are just two things with acceptance: Accept and move-on or Accept and go on. Learn to differentiate those two ideas to apply it right on situations.

You can never go wrong in black. Half of my clothes are probably in black and white because it is a color that blends in everything. Also, I think blacks and whites compliments my morena shade.


As a summer baby, I grew up with a lot of different pairs of bikinis and a pieces of swimsuits. Two piece is not only a pair of comfortable cloth that goes accordingly in swimming, but also it empowers you as a woman, showing what you got and a way of telling that you are confident even with your flaws. Some girls are afraid to wear two piece because they think that it is only for ladies that has a sexy body. They are too conscious on what other would say. It is very sad how it always falls into ‘what others may think or say’. It is depressive and hard to hear such things against you that will crush your confidence. But if you learn how to accept things as they are, and believe in yourself more, there’s no such thing as ‘crushed confidence’ because you will know more within you. People will see you the way you handle yourself. If they see that you’re doubtful, they will not have a second thought to criticize you. But if you straighten your crown and always in chin up, they will hesitate to throw stones at you. So, focus on yourself more. Don’t mind other people’s thoughts about you, invest on how to make and feel yourself pretty. Your attitude towards yourself is what truly matters because from then, you will be able to withstand everything.

You can never define a woman with just a piece of cloth. She looks sweet today but her heels might be a knife.

Fashion is an expression not an identification. It is like our emotion, constantly changing. I can be wearing a loose shirt and sweatpants at this rainy season because I feel lazy, but tomorrow I will be in a mini skirt and backless top because I will be feeling extra. A woman does not owe anyone with her sense of fashion or the way she dressed as long as she’s not hurting anyone. A fashionable woman is an empowered woman.

Yours Truly, Tasha.

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